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Grow your Brand by Unlocking Instagram Success Secrets! 

6-day course to apply specific strategies and skyrocket your brand visibility

Grow your Community, Improve your Brand Image, Generate Leads and Boost your Sales!


Instagram is an awesome channel to improve your brand image, your branding and brand exposure. We'll guide you with step-by-step processes to follow in order to replicate our techniques to your account. 


We'll show you simple methods to implement that will help you grow your community quickly with relevant, targeted and engaged followers. You'll attract 10,000+ real target followers in just a few months. 


Instagram is also a great source of traffic. You want to attract Instagramers to your website, landing pages, lead generation pages or sales pages. We're going to explain you detailed tactics you can easily apply to boost your website traffic. 


Instagram is not only beneficial for branding. You can generate leads and increase your revenue with it. We'll teach you strategies and hacks you can integrate to your Instagram campaigns in order to generate leads on a daily basis. You'll convert your Instagram followers to long-term loyal paying customers who love your brand.


Not only you'll generate leads and make sales, we'll also show you other ways to monetize your account. If you implement our strategies, you'll be able to make money from Instagram within a few months.


Posting, engaging with your community, liking pictures, commenting, following relevant accounts and so on can really be time-consuming. We're going to guide you on how to automate most of your Instagram activity. This way, you'll be able to manage a full Instagram marketing campaign by just spending a couple of hours a week. 

Massive Value Brought to You!

6-day eBook Courses that will Greatly Help you Grow your Brand
1 - Create an Instagram Strategy

Learn: 75-90 minutes

Apply: 3-8 Hours                                        

We're going to show you why having an Instagram strategy is important and help you create your own.

3 - Contests

Learn: 50-60 minutes     

Apply: 8-12 Hours + Ongoing Process               

Organizing contests on Instagram is a very big thing: it can boost your brand visibility and substantially increase your revenue. We're going to explain you the step-by-step method and tools you need to follow to organize successful Instagram contests.

5 - Sell on Instagram

Learn: 35-40 minutes              

Apply: 1-3 Hours + Ongoing Process             

Making sales and increasing revenue through Instagram is one of the great benefits of the platforms. We're going to teach you applicable strategies your brand can easily implement. 

2 - Tips & Tricks

Learn: 50-60 minutes         

Apply: 5-10 Hours + Ongoing Process             

We'll guide you on tricks, tactics & hacks you should apply as well as tools you should use to make your brand stand out.. 

4 - Automate Instagram Growth

Learn: 30-40 minutes               

Apply: 3-6 Hours                  

We'll mentor you on how to automate most of your Instagram activities (Posting, likes, comments, follows...) but also how to grow your community automatically. Once this session is done, you'll be set for Instagram growth!

6 - Instagram Ads

Learn: 60-70 minutes               

Apply: 4-8 Hours                

Instagram Ads can be very powerful to retarget your existing website traffic but also target new audiences. We'll go in depth with you on how to start and run successful Instagram campaigns. 

What People are Saying about our Untold Instagram Success module

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Awesome course Growth Academia! Great pace, very clear instructions, incredibly thorough and covers all essential topics. I have to say I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this course. Not only is it straight to the point, but they give you inside secrets to how the top Instagram accounts build their following. For anyone who is starting out and growing their brand, this class will absolutely blow you away. Not only was the content extremely valuable, but it's actionable.”

Robyn Kimberley (Beauty Blogger)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Really glad I took this class, the amount of information to get better on Instagram is insane. My Instagram account is growing fast and is showing great improvement. If you can't take at least some of this and grow your page significantly, I don't know what to tell you. This tutorial was outstanding. Easy to understand with a lot of information and resources granted in order to help my team and I expand our business on Instagram. I’m so happy I stumbled on Growth Academia’s course because they really go deep into the marketing side of picking your niche and using hashtags. Absolutely love it!"

David Henzel (Happiness Entrepreneur)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I got a lot of information that help me with growing my account and making money. No matter what you know about Instagram, this course is very useful. I learned a lot valuable information from this class! I would consider myself as a more advanced instagram user and this course did provide some thought provoking ideas which I implemented in my strategies and already started seeing results!"

Silvana Aloha (Travel Influencer)

Is This Course Right for You?

Our course is for most entrepreneurs, marketers & businesses who grow on Instagram or become an influencer. But, this is not for everyone!


  • Pretty much anyone interesting by Instagram marketing: Instagram newbies or influencers, startups, entrepreneurs, small & medium-size businesses, marketers, bloggers, freelancers, consultants, etc...
  • People who want to drastically improve and optimize their results with Instagram. 
  • People who want to generate leads and increase revenue thanks to Instagram.
  • People who want to become Internet-famous, become a thought leader or an influencer.


  • Expert Procrastinators and Lazy People: if you aren't ready to put on the work by dedicating time to apply our Instagram strategies and tactics: this won't work.
  • Unrealistic entrepreneurs: if you believe you'll be a billion dollar company or get millions of followers within 6 months thanks to Instagram, you're going to be disappointed.
  • Big influencers: if you have more than 100,000 engaged followers, we believe this course won't help you [except when we explain you how to monetize your accounts]. 
Get at least 2,000 targeted followers within 3 months!

We are 100% sure about the quality of our Unlock Instagram Success courses. This is why we guarantee that if you follow our guides and implement our strategies, you will grow your account by 2,000+ targeted and engaged followers within 3 months. If you've applied our tactics and didn't achieve this, contact us and we'll refund your money. 

Other reasons we'll refund you:

- You accidentally bought two courses

​- You had download problems
- You felt that the ebooks were too advanced
Growth Academia Signature

Dear Instagram maniac,

Hold on to your chair because it's time to tell you a story where…

You’re going to understand the sure-fire way to be achieve success on Instagram!

"We Used To Think Instagram Was Just For Teenagers Sharing What They Had For Lunch"

We long thought Instagram was just for millennials sharing useless pictures about their meals, people showing off about their travels and celebrities being sponsored by big brands. This might still be a bit true but Instagram's scope is much larger than that.

We knew businesses had success on Instagram and people could become Internet-famous or influencers almost overnight. We thought we couldn't get great results on Instagram by ourselves. 

You might be the same: Feeling a bit lost with Instagram. You might ask yourself “What am I supposed to do on Instagram?”

With all the confusing information out there, you probably find yourself going nowhere.

Feeling pessimistic with your Instagram strategy?

You end up wasting time on Instagram without seeing any improvements or tangible results, and this involves more frustration. None of your actions on Instagram seemed to make you money by the end of the day, things on Instagram don't improve, you don't get many more followers and your engagement stagnates although you make efforts time on it.

Everybody use and succeed with Instagram but you. We were in the same position as you and then we decided to change our way of dealing with Instagram...

"Unlock Our Instagram Success Secrets"

We were creating pictures for Instagram, following people in our industry, add several hashtags to our captions for the different websites we were managing but it was like we were going backwards with them. We were browsing the Internet to look for tricks, systems, or hacks but it was very hard to select the good from the average and the worse.  

The only way to find the definitive solution for Instagram success was to test the hell out of it... And this is what we did...

We created different Instagram accounts, chose different industries and target. Our goal was to find practical, predictable, applicable and repeatable strategies and tactics that work for any accounts. 

We literally tested hundreds of different posts, hashtags, hacks, etc... and eventually we arrived where we wanted to be...

"Understanding the Secret Sauce of Instagram Influencers"

We came up with detailed tutorials for Instagram that any entrepreneurs, brands or businesses could follow and be successful with it.

It's not going to take forever to see results. You will get results fast: you'll grow your followers, get more engagement, generate leads and start monetizing your Instagram account within a few weeks.

Now we want to pass on these unique Instagram Success secrets to you!

"Introducing the Unlock Instagram Success Module"

It just doesn't get any more step-by-step than this Instagram tutorial! In this cutting edge Instagram success system we're finally revealing our secrets and showing you how to profit from your Instagram campaigns...

WITHOUT being a social media guru, expert or ninja nor an Instagram influencer... yet...

WITHOUT investing an arm and a leg in expensive tools or graphic designer or social media managers...

WITHOUT needing to wait forever to see results. You'll start to see your Instagram account grow within just after a few days.

"Discover the Instagram Secrets"

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover in this 6-day Unlock Instagram Success Course...

First we're going to start with the easiest step ever such as optimizing your Instagram page and setting up your profile the right way to make it conversion-focus; so that you can get started regardless of what your experience is with Instagram.

Next you'll discover what kind of content you should post, how to promote this content and how to grow your community with real, engaged, targeted followers. We'll also show you how to make money thanks to Instagram. Finally, we'll teach you detailed techniques to boost your engagement and eventually become an Instagram influencer in your industry. 

The simple step-by-step method that allowed us to create successful Instagram pages for our clients… 

Beauty Model Influencer Instagram Account
Travel Instagram Influencer Account
Entrepreneurship Success Influencer Instagram Account

We will show you how to replicate the process and be successful on Instagram too. 

When you're ready to get a tidal wave of leads, users and sales through Instagram, be sure to unlock this Instagram Success tutorial as we're going to reveal you the best ways to grow your brand, your community, your engagement, etc... Our strategies and tactics work! We even use them for our own account...

Growth Hackers Instagram Account

"What's The Catch?"

We are not trying to trick you here, there's a catch. The catch is that our Unlock Instagram Success module is available at an insanely low price... Because we want as many businesses as possible to get access and see the same results we have with our clients.

Nonetheless, the price is guaranteed to go up very soon. No worries. It will be much less than all those other Instagram courses out there (And that don't even work).

"Here's What You're Getting"

Today you are getting access to our Unlock Instagram Success course which is valued at $597.

Now if you were going to get one-on-one coaching with one of our consultants, you would be looking at $300 an hour.

But just think about how much your business can change by leveraging Instagram 700+ million users... Especially when you know how to generate leads that you can turn into revenue and profits.

But today you won't pay $597.

You won't pay a $300 1-hour consulting fee.

We really want to change your entrepreneur life so that you can finally start succeeding and getting a positive ROI with Instagram.

So rather than wait and pay more...

You can get the Unlock Instagram Success 6-day crash course today for a one-time investment of only $197!

"Don't Hold Back"

Remember, if you don't seize this Instagram opportunity right now, you'll probably miss out on this chance to change your life and business forever.

Keep in mind that the price is guaranteed to go up. Since it's our unique and ground-breaking Unlock Instagram Success method, you cannot find it anywhere else.

You're going to have to act fast or miss out on Instagram success. Trust your gut, has it steered you wrong before? All that's left to do is take action and click the button below so you don't regret it later when its more expensive.

P.S. If you don't buy this Unlock Instagram Success method, things will only get worse. You are going to waste more money on broken Instagram, systems and courses that are not applicable. You're going to waste more time on your Instagram campaigns without having the right tools and techniques. What we provide are applicable strategies that have proven to work for any businesses we implemented them for. This will bring you huge value and amazing results. Don't let that opportunity pass.

P.P.S. Yes you can create an awesome Instagram page for your brand with our step-by-step tutorials! You will grow your brand exposure, increase your traffic, generate leads within days, improve your revenue and surely regret to not have taken the course before. 

Ask yourself: If all you got was ONE client from this Instagram course, would it be worth it?

If this course saved you 1-3 months of time making tests on your Instagram campaigns. Would it be worth it?

Even if all you got was a single breakthrough which increased your social media management, traffic, lead generation or sales, would it be worth it?

If yes, don’t hesitate to take the course. You can only grow with it!

This is not it! You also Get Awesome Bonuses!

Weekly tips in your inbox! 

After your Unlock Instagram Success module is finished, you will receive weekly tips on how to grow your brand: techniques, tools, strategies...


Future Instagram Courses Updates! 

You're going to love this bonus: it's unique! We keep improving our Instagram courses in order to make them up-to-date with new trends, new tools and tactics. We are constantly testing new tools and hacks, so, when we find new ones, we will create new sessions and send them to you... for free!


We will send you a Bonus Session!

You believe you have a 6-session module. In fact, you will get a 7th one. This extra session give you unique and hidden strategies and tactics to skyrocket your brand on Instagram. Techniques that many influencers use but they don't reveal to the public: we do reveal them to you!

Start Today!

Our Unlock Instagram Success Package

Only $597 $197​

  • 6 Lessons
  • Become an Instagram Influencer
  • Monetize your Account
  • Automate your Lead Generation
  • Future Updates and Techniques
  • Exclusive Bonus Session
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Growth Academia

Growth Academia has been created by Growth Hackers: a group of entrepreneurs, marketers and growth hackers that have helped startups and SMBs - from 70+ countries - grow. We discovered that many businesses don't have the budget or the mean to hire consultants or digital marketing agencies. But, they still want to grow by implementing effective strategies.

However, it's very hard for businesses to hire the right marketers who know specific techniques to grow businesses. Plus, there are a lot of misinformation all around the Internet, which makes it even harder to find what's right and what's not. 

Many consultants, influencers or marketers share some of their tactics but we noticed they never give their secret sauce. We were tired of those useless courses, books, videos, webinars and conferences that don't go in-depth with what entrepreneurs need to do. This is where we are different: we provide step-by-step tutorials that anyone can follow and apply to their businesses. We don't give you broad strategies, we give you applicable and actionable tactics that give results.  

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