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Become the Master of Content Marketing & SEO within 1 month & Bring a Constant Flow of Traffic to your Website!

17-day course to apply specific strategies & hacks and bring qualified visitors to your site

Bring Qualified Traffic, Generate Leads and Increase Sales!


We're going to show you how to create compelling and engaging content in order to talk to you target audience. We'll teach you on how to promote this content and make it SEO-optimized to bring qualified traffic to your website every day.


Getting traffic is good, getting leads is better. We're going to guide you on how to leverage the traffic you will bring to your website by creating a lead generation system. 


This is the natural path of a sales funnel: after having brought traffic and having generated leads, it's time to close the deals and make sales. We'll explain you how to apply specific strategies to do so thanks to content marketing and SEO.


We'll mentor you on how to create a content marketing strategy that directly answers your target audience needs and questions. Your prospects will ask themselves a question and we're going to show you how they can find you thanks to this.  


Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc...) are very powerful and a great resource to bring traffic to your website. We're going to teach you detailed processes and techniques to master the search engines' algorithm and bring traffic to your content thanks to them.


Thanks to our step-by-step guides, you will bring great exposure to your brand and be recognized as a thought leader in your industry.


The content marketing and SEO strategies you're going to apply will make your brand more trustworthy and credible. This will lower the barrier to purchase for your potential customers.

Enormous Value Brought to You!

17-day eBook Courses that will Help you Grow Your Traffic Exponentially
1 - SEO Rankings Factors

Learn: 90-120 minutes                    

Apply: 1-2 Hours               

We're going to explain you what SEO is, what matters in SEO, give you some tips and guidelines.

3 - Keyword Research

Learn: 45-60 minutes

Apply: 4-10 Hours                        

Find large number of profitable keywords + show you hacks on how to find the best keywords for your business.

5 - SEO-Optimize your Site

Learn: 45-50 minutes

Apply: 5-20 Hours + Ongoing Process             

We'll show you in details how to optimize your website so it's going to be crawled perfectly by search engines.

7 - Creating Content Plan Part 1

Learn: 50 minutes

Apply: 4-6 Hours + Ongoing Process             

We're going to use the SEO plan you started to improve it and complement it with your content plan.

9 - Create an Awesome Blog Post

Learn: 30-35 minutes

Apply: 4-12 Hours                        

You will learn the specific process you need to apply to create high-quality blog posts. Also, you'll create 2 awesome blog posts.

11 - Create a Video Presentation

Learn: 20-30 minutes

Apply: 5-15 Hours                        

We'll show you the best tools to create videos easily but tips for creating them and also templates on how to create a great copy.

13 - Promoting your Content

Learn: 30-40 minutes

Apply: 4-7 Hours + Ongoing Process             

By now, you should start having content. It's time to promote it and we'll explain you many applicable and actionable strategies to do so. 

15 - Guest Posting + Outreach

Learn: 75-90 minutes

Apply: Ongoing Process             

A great way to get quality backlinks to your website is through guest posting but also outreaching for links. You'll learn how to apply those strategies successfully for your business.

17 - Domains 301 Redirect

Learn: 30-40 minutes

Apply: 3-6 Hours + Ongoing Process             

To get quality backlinks, purchasing domains who already built such backlinks is a great tactic. We're going to explain you in details how to proceed with this hack. 

2 - SEO Audit

Learn: 40-45 minutes        

Apply: 3-12 Hours                      

With our techniques and tools, you're going to audit your website but also start improving it.

4 - Creating SEO Plan

Learn: 20 minutes

Apply: 2-3 Hours + Ongoing Process                

With the keywords you found, we're going to explain you how to create full SEO strategy. 

6 - Content Marketing Guidelines

Learn: 60-70 minutes

Apply: 1-2 Hours                          

You're going to learn the mindset you need to have for your content marketing as well as the rules you need to follow.

8 - Creating Content Plan Part 2

Learn: 70-80 minutes

Apply: 2-3 Hours + Ongoing Process                

Improving your existing content plan by selecting which formats fit the most for the content you wish to create.

10 - Create Visuals

Learn: 30-35 minutes

Apply: 3-8 Hours + Ongoing Process                

You will learn on how to create amazing visuals easily but also detailed tactics on how & why you should repurpose content.

12 - Promote your Video

Learn: 25-35 minutes

Apply: 3-5 Hours                             

It's great to have a video but if no one sees it, it's pretty much useless. We'll guide you on how to promote the videos you create in order to never have a video again with just a few dozens views. 

14 - Linkbuilding

Learn: 60-70 minutes

Apply: 8-12 Hours + Ongoing Process                

You will learn a lot about off-page SEO (AKA Linkbuilding): strategies and specific tactics you can apply now in order to get backlinks directing to your site.

16 - Directories

Learn: 15-20 minutes

Apply: 25-30 Hours + Ongoing Process                

Signing up to niche directories is important. We'll show you how to find relevant ones in your industry + we'll give you a unique list of 300+ free directories when you can register your business and get a backlink almost instantly.

What People are Saying about the SEO + Content Marketing Mastery module

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“These methods would have saved me so much time if i knew them before. Learned a lot of practical tricks about SEO and content marketing which I didn’t previously know. I'd say if you are planning to grow an online business this course is for you! There are so many techniques which will help you put your website in front of your target. I manage my own small business website and I have applied the SEO techniques presented by Growth Academia. My website is now on the first page of Google search results for a competitive industry in London, UK and is steadily improving.”

Keshav Malani (Co-founder)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“This course is accurate, clear and straight to the point. It saved me hours of messing around. It is a real pleasure to learn high-level SEO strategies in such a simple manner! Growth Academia lays out all the important ideas in a step-by-step method so they're easy to implement. I am an experienced SEO and took this course because of different link building, keyword research and off-page SEO tactics. I have heard numerous link building techniques and read about lot of strategies but the problem was how to do it. In this course I got the solution to implement the top recommended link earning and keyword research strategies."

Claudia Ross (Principle & CEO)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Thank you for this great course. I really enjoyed it till the last session. Very clear, professional, concise information presented in doable pieces. Covers a lot of ground. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase their site performance and search results. The strategies and tactics taught in this course are amazing. Recommended for newbies, intermediate and advanced level students. It is very helpful to learn SEO and content marketing with a guide, rather than trying to piece together the abundance of information on the internet."

Steve Rockman (Chief Marketing Officer)

Is This Course Right for You?

Our course is for most entrepreneurs, marketers & businesses who want to grow their search engine traffic and content strategy. But, this is not for everyone!


  • Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Small and Medium-size Businesses selling products or services
  • Marketers, freelancers and consultants
  • People who want to become SEO experts
  • Artists, Writers, Singers, etc...


  • Large Brands
  • Expert Procrastinators: not ready to dedicate time to learn our strategies and most importantly apply them? This won't work
  • Unrealistic entrepreneurs: if you believe you'll be a billion dollar company within 6 months thanks to SEO or content marketing, you're going to be disappointed.
Generate dozens of Leads with your Content within 4 months!

We are 100% sure about the quality of our SEO + Content Marketing Mastery courses. This is why we guarantee that if you follow our guides and implement our strategies, you will generate leads thanks to your content. If you've applied our tactics and were not able to generate at least 25 leads after a 4-month period, contact us and we'll refund your money. 

Other reasons we'll refund you:

- You accidentally bought two courses

​- You had download problems
- You felt that the ebooks were too advanced
Growth Academia Signature

Dear SEO and Content Fanatic,

You need to stop anything you’re doing in order to read what's below carefully because…

You’re about to discover the sure-fire way to get constant traffic from search engines, attract your prospects to your website and generate leads and sales via content creation and distribution.

"We Used To Get No Traffic from Search Engines"

We long thought SEO was just for experts or large brands... We thought this was a useless channel to grow as we couldn't compete against big companies.

You might be the same: Feeling a bit lost with SEO. You might ask yourself “What was I supposed to do with my website to be ranked on Google?”

With all the confusing information out there, you probably find yourself going backwards.

Feeling hopeless with SEO?

You end up spending time on content marketing and SEO without seeing any results, and it involves more frustration. None of your actions on your website, your content creation and your keywords seemed to make you money by the end of the day.

We were in the same position as you and then a stroke of luck...

"The SEO + Content Marketing Mastery Secrets"

One day we were browsing the Internet (Making several researches on Google... as usual) and we came across many posts that ranked on the first searches. But, these posts didn't come from big brands or large organizations. We thought if these websites could do it, why not us?

Although those websites were from small to medium-size businesses, they didn't have a big presence on social media and their website were not that authoritative; they still ranked well on specific searches on Google. 

So, we decided to reverse engineer the these articles and websites and this is how we started mastering SEO (But also content marketing as they are strongly linked to each other. At that very time we realized something…

"Free Traffic From SEO and Content Marketing is a Goldmine"

Not only is leveraging free traffic from search engines is simple enough for anyone to use

It's not going to take forever to see results. You will get results within a few months: you will improve your brand visibility, bring qualified traffic to your website, generate leads on a daily basis and substantially increase your sales.

Note: you WON'T get quantifiable SEO results within days. This is a long-term strategy not a short term one. ​

Now we want to pass on these amazing SEO and Content Marketing secrets to you!

"Introducing SEO + Content Marketing Mastery"

It just doesn't get any more step-by-step than this SEO + Content Marketing Mastery class! In this cutting edge system we're finally revealing our secrets and showing you how to profit from search engines traffic...

WITHOUT being a digital marketing expert, a SEO professional or a content guru...

WITHOUT investing an arm and a leg... We'll show you SEO strategies and tools you can use and apply with little to no budget. The same goes with content. We're not going to make you spend thousands in tools, we'll show you techniques, strategies and software you can use even if you're on a shoestring budget.

WITHOUT needing to wait forever to see results.

"Discover The Content & Search Engines Secrets"

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover in this 17-day SEO + Content Marketing Mastery Crash Course...

First we're going to start with the easiest step ever; so that you can get started regardless of what your experience is with SEO or content marketing. We'll guide you on the rules to respect, the guidelines to follow and techniques to learn and apply.

Next you'll discover how to make your website SEO-focus, how to create a SEO and a content marketing plan, you're also going to discover how to create engaging and compelling content, how to promote that content and making it SEO-optimized. Finally, we will show you detailed techniques to improve your off-page SEO with effective linkbuilding tactics. We're going to guide you with methods and tutorials that are damn easy to follow.

The simple step-by-step method that allowed us to get our website ranked for relevant and competitive keywords within 3 months… Check our website here if you don't believe us

Growth Hackers SEMRush SEO Rankings Keywords

We will show you how to replicate the process. 

When you're ready to get a tidal wave of traffic be sure to order this explosive SEO + Content Marketing Mastery growth tutorial as we're going to reveal you the best ways to constantly grow your search traffic - month over month. 

Organic Traffic Growth Hackers

"What's The Catch?"

We are not trying to trick you here, there's a catch. The catch is that our SEO + Content Marketing Mastery Growth System is available at an insanely low price... Because we want as many people as possible to get access and see results.

However, the price is guaranteed to go up very soon. Don't worry though. It will be much less than all those other SEO or Content Marketing systems and courses (that don't even work).

"Here's What You're Getting"

Today you are getting access to our On-Page SEO Mastery Course which is valued at $299. You're also getting our Content Marketing Mastery Course valued at $399. And you're getting our exclusive Off-Page SEO Mastery Course (Which includes hundreds of methods, websites and tools to help you gain backlinks in no time) which is valued at $999. 

So, what you're going to get is a package showing you step-by-step tutorials and detailed tactics to be successful with SEO and Content Marketing: a package valued at $1,697.

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P.P.S. Yes you can promote pretty much anything via content and I am sure your target audience is using search engines to find solutions to their problems. Why not tapping to search traffic?

Ask yourself: If all you got was ONE person a day for the next 365 days visiting your website and being interested by your business, would it be worth it?

If this course saved you 3-6 months of time setting up lead generation. Would it be worth it?

Even if all you got was a single breakthrough which increased your traffic, visibility or your revenue, would it be worth it?

If yes, don’t hesitate to take the course. You can only grow with it!

This is not it! You also Get Awesome Bonuses!

Weekly tips in your inbox! 

After your SEO + Content Marketing Mastery module is finished, you will receive weekly tips on how to grow your brand: techniques, tools, strategies...


Future SEO/Content Courses Updates! 

This is the bonus you want and that's what makes our offer unique! We keep improving our courses in order to make them up-to-date with new SEO and content marketing trends. We are constantly testing new tools and hacks, so, when we find new SEO strategies or content marketing techniques, we will create new sessions and send them to you... for free!


We will send you a Bonus Session!

You believe you have a 17-session module. In fact, you will get a 18th one. This will help you build even more high-quality links to boost your rankings and traffic.

Start Today!

SEO + Content Marketing Mastery Package

Only $1,697 $597​

  • 17 Lessons
  • Become An SEO & Content Marketing Professional
  • Bring Qualified Traffic from Search Engines
  • Increase your Revenue by Making your Prospects find You
  • Get a List of Hundreds of Websites where you Can get Backlinks Instantly
  • Future Updates and Techniques
  • Exclusive Bonus Session
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Growth Academia

Growth Academia has been created by Growth Hackers: a group of entrepreneurs, marketers and growth hackers that have helped startups and SMBs - from 70+ countries - grow. We discovered that many businesses don't have the budget or the mean to hire consultants or digital marketing agencies. But, they still want to grow by implementing effective strategies.

However, it's very hard for businesses to hire the right marketers who know specific techniques to grow businesses. Plus, there are a lot of misinformation all around the Internet, which makes it even harder to find what's right and what's not. 

Many consultants, influencers or marketers share some of their tactics but we noticed they never give their secret sauce. We were tired of those useless courses, books, videos, webinars and conferences that don't go in-depth with what entrepreneurs need to do. This is where we are different: we provide step-by-step tutorials that anyone can follow and apply to their businesses. We don't give you broad strategies, we give you applicable and actionable tactics that give results.  

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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