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Grow your Brand with our Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery Secrets! 

8-day course to learn specific techniques to get positive ROI with your Facebook Ads

Create High-Conversion Ads, Increase your Sales and Improve your ROI!


Facebook Ads are so popular that everyone wants to use them. However, many people, entrepreneurs and business make mistakes by using them and then, believe FB ads are useless. We'll show you the mistakes you should avoid in order to be successful with Facebook ads. 


Running ads is great but if you're not quite sure how to track conversion, this will be a waste of time and money. We're going to show you how to track conversions accurately and also how to tweak your ads in order to always improve these conversion rates.


Retargeting people having visited your website in the past few days, weeks or months is a great way to engage with your target audience and increase your sales. FB retargeting is very powerful and we're going to guide you with step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow. 


Targeting is key when dealing with advertising. FB ads targeting capacities are very powerful but can be overwhelming. Don't worry, we're going to help you by showing you in details how you can target very specific audiences. 


You don't always want to target specific audiences. You might want to broader your reach. We're going to mentor you on the techniques to use; plus, we'll make sure that your ad costs decrease over time. 


Knowing your costs, your price per acquisition, your profit margins, etc... is important. We'll guide you on how to get positive ROI from Facebook ads by always focusing on your costs and profit margins. 


A/B testing or split testing is key to successful marketing campaigns. Facebook ads are no different and you need to test your ads if you want to be successful. We're going to teach you specific tactics on what to test and how to. 


Having a compelling Facebook business page is crucial. By applying what you're going to learn in our courses, you're going to have a powerful Facebook business page, which will entice people to visit your website. 

Gigantic Value Brought to You!

8-day eBook Courses that will Considerably Help you Grow your Revenue
1 - Why Should you Use FB Ads?

Learn: 20-25 minutes


We're going to show you why Facebook ads are important and why your business needs to use them to grow sales.

3 - Types of Facebook Ads

Learn: 45 minutes


Understanding all the types of Facebook Ads you have.

5 - Analyzing Results

Learn: 30-35 minutes              

Apply: 1-3 Hours + Ongoing Process             

We're going to explain you how to analyze your Facebook ads results but also how to adjust your ads frequency. 

7 - A/B Testing

Learn: 55-60 minutes              

Apply: 3-4 Hours + Ongoing Process             

FB A/B Testing features are awesome and we'll guide you on how to use them successfully. 

2 - Set up Facebook Ads Account

Learn: 20 minutes

Apply: 2-4 Hours                 

Optimize your Facebook Business/Fan page + set up your Facebook Ads Account. 

4 - Targeting + Bidding

Learn: 70-80 minutes               

Apply: 3-5 Hours  + Ongoing Process               

Learn about targeting and bidding + With all you previously learnt, you're going to create your 1st FB ad. 

6 - Facebook Pixel

Learn: 25-30 minutes               

Apply: 2-3 Hours                

We're going to teach you everything your need to know about the FB Pixel: why using it, how to install it and how to use it effectively.

8 - Custom + Lookalike Audiences

Learn: 70-80 minutes               

Apply: 3-4 Hours               

Facebook targeting system is sophisticated  and we're going to give you detailed tactics and hacks to master it.

What People are Saying about the Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery module

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“This course was clear, comprehensive and really went in-depth on how to use Facebook Ads Management System and how to create ads: excellent! Not only was the course full of great and practical information, it showed how to apply it in the business world. This answered absolutely everything I have been looking for in a Facebook advertising course: concise, thorough and teaches everything you need to know.”

Stephanie Ramirez (Marketing Consultant)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I have taken loads of courses and tutorials before. This course has so much valuable content for so little compared to what I experienced elsewhere. This does a great job for teaching me on how to advertise on Facebook and it was exactly what I needed to find new clients with FB Ads. This course is full of well-organized info, creative tips and awesome hacks. Thanks a lot for providing case studies, tips and ideas!"

David Olsen (Fintech Startup Founder)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“There are so many useful visuals and other information that help me for creating Facebook Ads. Super practical and great content + it's easy to follow. The price is an absolute bargain. You have far exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would learn from a Facebook ads course. It is thorough and detailed. Thanks for your unbelievable tips and for this brilliant course. I subscribed to 2 similar courses but this one is by far the best, no comparison."

Pamela Coyle (Content & Social Media Nerd)

Is This Course Right for You?

Our course is for most entrepreneurs, marketers & businesses who want to run FB Ads successfully. But, this is not for everyone!


  • Pretty much anyone interesting by Facebook advertising: FB Ads beginners or experts, startups, entrepreneurs, small & medium-size businesses, marketers, bloggers, influencers, freelancers, consultants, etc...
  • People who want to drastically improve and optimize their results with Facebook ads. 
  • People who want to generate leads thanks to Facebook.
  • People who want to increase sales with the help of Facebook ads.


  • Expert Procrastinators: if you aren't ready to put on the work by dedicating time to apply our FB ads strategies and tactics: this won't work.
  • Unrealistic entrepreneurs: if you believe you'll be a billion dollar company within 6 months thanks to Facebook Ads, you're going to be disappointed.
  • People who don't have a website, an app or at least a landing page yet. If you don't have any of those, Facebook ads will be pretty much useless. Focus on your product, website, app or services first!
Generate dozens of leads with FB Ads within 3 months!

We are 100% sure about the quality of our Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery courses. This is why we guarantee that if you follow our guides and implement our strategies, you will generate many leads and sales. If you've applied our tactics and didn't get at least 25 leads within 3 months, contact us and we'll refund your money. 

Other reasons we'll refund you:

- You accidentally bought two courses

​- You had download problems
- You felt that the ebooks were too advanced
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Dear Facebook Ads lover,

Stay put because we're going to tell you a fairy tale where…

You’re about to understand the sure-fire way to be successful with Facebook Ads!

"We Used To Be Overwhelmed with Facebook Ads"

We long thought Facebook advertising was for marketing gurus and agencies. We thought we couldn't get great results on Facebook by ourselves. 

You might be the same: Feeling a bit lost with Facebook Ads. You might ask yourself “What am I supposed to do on the Facebook Advertising Manager?”

With all the confusing information out there, you probably find yourself going backwards.

Feeling hopeless with Facebook Ads?

You end up spending time and money on Facebook without seeing much results, and this involves more frustration. None of your actions on Facebook seemed to make you money by the end of the day, things are getting out-of-hand while it feels your Facebook advertising campaigns don't even improve although you spent a lot of time on it.

Everybody use and succeed with Facebook ads but you. We were in the same position as you and then we decided to change our way of dealing with Facebook advertising systems...

"The Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery Secrets"

We were running several Facebook ads campaigns for the different websites we were managing but we were getting nowhere with them. We were browsing the Internet to look for tips, hacks, tactics, strategies and solutions but it was very hard to select the good from the bad and the ugly.  

The only way to find the definitive solution for Facebook Ads was to test the hell out of it... And this is what we did...

We created many different types of Facebook ads, selected different types of media and target. Our objective was to find strategies and tactics that work for, can be predicted and repeated. 

We literally tested hundreds of different ads and eventually we arrived where we wanted to be...

"Understanding FB Ads Tactics that No One want to Share with You"

We came up with detailed tutorials for Facebook ads that any entrepreneurs or businesses could follow and be successful with it.

It's not going to take forever to see results. You will get results fast: you'll generate more and more leads, improve your targeting, reduce the cost of your ads and get a positive ROI within a few weeks.

Now we want to pass on these unique Facebook Ads secrets to you!

"Introducing Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery Module"

It just doesn't get any more step-by-step than this Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery tutorial! In this cutting edge Facebook Ads system we're finally revealing our secrets and showing you how to profit from your Facebook advertising campaigns...

WITHOUT being a Facebook influencer, a social media mastermind, a social media expert, guru or ninja...

WITHOUT investing an arm and a leg... We'll show you how to make the most from your Facebook ads, how to target well and create A/B testing campaigns. This way, you're going to get a positive ROI in no time. 

WITHOUT needing to wait forever to see results. You will start generating leads within just a few days after implementing our strategies.

"Discover The Facebook Ads Secrets"

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover in this 8-day Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery Course...

First we're going to start with the easiest step ever such as optimizing your Facebook Business page and setting up your ad account the right way; so that you can get started regardless of what your experience is with Facebook Ads.

Next you'll discover what types of Facebook ads exist and which one you should choose. After that, we'll explain you everything you need to know about targeting. Finally, we'll show you tools, techniques and tactics to make your Facebook Ads converting like crazy!

The simple step-by-step method that allowed us to create high-converting ads for many clients… Check our portfolio here if you don't believe us

We will show you how to replicate the process. 

When you're ready to get a tidal wave of leads, users and sales through Facebook advertising, be sure to order this Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery tutorial as we're going to reveal you the best ways to generate qualified leads at a very affordable cost. We usually aim for $0.5/lead (Depending on the industry, though) and we guarantee to achieve at $1/lead. Below, you can see an ad where we reached 0.20Euro/lead. 

Facebook Ad Lead Conversion Rate

"What's The Catch?"

We are not trying to trick you here, there's a catch. The catch is that our Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery is available at an insanely low price... Because we want as many businesses as possible to get access and see the same results we have with our clients.

Nonetheless, the price is guaranteed to go up very soon. No worries. It will be much less than all those other Facebook Ads courses out there (And that don't even work).

"Here's What You're Getting"

Today you are getting access to our Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery module which is valued at $597.

Now if you were going to get one-on-one coaching with one of our consultants, you would be looking at $300 an hour.

But just think about how much your business can change by leveraging Facebook Ads... Especially when you know how to generate leads that you can turn into revenue and profits.

But today you won't pay $597.

You won't even pay a $300 1-hour consulting fee.

We really want to change your entrepreneur life so that you can finally start succeeding, growing your brand and getting a positive ROI with Facebook advertising.

So rather than wait and pay more...

You can get the Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery 8-day course today for a one-time investment of only $197!

"What are you waiting for?"

Remember, if you don't seize this opportunity right now, you'll probably miss out on this chance to change your life, your social media strategy, your brand and business forever.

Keep in mind that the price is guaranteed to go up. Since it's our unique and ground-breaking Facebook Ads Success method, you cannot find it anywhere else.

You're going to have to act fast or miss out. Trust your gut, has it steered you wrong before? All that's left to do is take action and click the button below so you don't regret it later when its more expensive.

P.S. If you don't buy this Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery class, things will only get worse. You are going to waste more money on Facebook broken systems and courses that are not applicable. You're going to waste more time on your Facebook Ads campaigns without having the right tools and techniques. What we provide are applicable strategies that have proven to work for any businesses we implemented them for. This will bring you huge value and amazing results. Don't let that opportunity pass.

P.P.S. Yes you can create amazing Facebooks accounts and ads with our step-by-step tutorials! You will improve your brand exposure, increase your traffic, generate leads within days, improve your revenue and surely regret to not have taken the course before. 

Ask yourself: If all you got was ONE client from this course, would it be worth it?

If this course saved you 1-3 months of time making tests with your Facebook ads campaigns. Would it be worth it?

Even if all you got was a single breakthrough which increased your traffic, lead generation or sales, would it be worth it?

If yes, don’t hesitate to take the course. You can only grow with it!

This is not it! You also Get Awesome Bonuses!

Weekly tips in your inbox! 

After your Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery module is finished, you will receive weekly tips on how to grow your brand: techniques, tools, strategies...


Future FB Ads Courses Updates! 

This is the bonus everyone loves! Facebook advertising keeps changing and we keep improving our courses in order to make them up-to-date with new trends, tools or strategies. What's in there for you? Because we are constantly testing new techniques and hacks, so, when we find new ones, we will create new sessions and send them to you... for free!


We will send you a Bonus Session!

You believe you have a 8-session module. In fact, you will get a 9th one. This extra session will answer questions you may have but also give you some unique tips! Plus, we'll also send you 200+ copyright-free you can use for your ads!

Start Today!

Facebook Ads Untold Sorcery Package

Only $597 $197​

  • 8 Lessons
  • Become a Facebook Ads Pro
  • Avoid Making FB Ads Mistakes
  • Target Specific Audiences
  • Work on your Profit Margins
  • Future Updates and Techniques
  • Exclusive Bonus Session
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Growth Academia

Growth Academia has been created by Growth Hackers: a group of entrepreneurs, marketers and growth hackers that have helped startups and SMBs - from 70+ countries - grow. We discovered that many businesses don't have the budget or the mean to hire consultants or digital marketing agencies. But, they still want to grow by implementing effective strategies.

However, it's very hard for businesses to hire the right marketers who know specific techniques to grow businesses. Plus, there are a lot of misinformation all around the Internet, which makes it even harder to find what's right and what's not. 

Many consultants, influencers or marketers share some of their tactics but we noticed they never give their secret sauce. We were tired of those useless courses, books, videos, webinars and conferences that don't go in-depth with what entrepreneurs need to do. This is where we are different: we provide step-by-step tutorials that anyone can follow and apply to their businesses. We don't give you broad strategies, we give you applicable and actionable tactics that give results.  

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