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      "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.                                                                                                                              Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime"

This is our motto! Education is key and teaching applicable processes to grow your business is what we stand for. Growth Academia is the 1st digital school to guide you with applicable and proven step-by-step tutorials that are guaranteed to give you results.

There are so many courses around that teach you digital marketing, growth hacking, productivity, analytics and what not. But, let's be honest with each other: when you take those classes, at the end of the course, you still don't know what to do. You learn the theories but this is not what you need: you need practice and applicable strategies!

This is where Growth Academia is different. We teach you strategies and tactics that you can apply straight away. We guide you with detailed step-by-step tutorials where we show you techniques and tools to use and how to use them. With Growth Academia, you learn by doing. Just follow our courses, apply the guides and start to grow from today.

Terry Kim CEO at NextGenT

I usually don't give testimonials  but the value I received deserved a mention. Before we began working with Growth Academia, we were struggling with how to reach out to potential clients. They showed us how to generate leads at scale, and made it possible for us to reach hundreds prospects each week – all this fully-automated.

Fed up of rubbish marketing & growth hacking courses, webinars, books, conferences or podcasts that don't give you any damn idea what you have to do to get traffic, leads, users & sales?

At Growth Academia, we are fed up too!

This is why we created step-by-step tutorials anyone can follow and use to start growing immediately! We teach proven strategies we've used ourselves.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, marketers and growth hackers sponsored by Growth Hackers to deliver you applicable strategies and tactics to grow from today. Are you looking for the best advice from the top entrepreneurs and marketers in the world? You’ll have access to all of it here.

Grow your Business with our Actionable Courses:


Explosive Growth

Twitter is an amazing channel to get traffic, build your brand, increase your visibility, build relationships, generate leads and boost your sales. 

We'll show you all the tactics Twitter influencers use & how you can apply them to your business. You'll grow your community & engagement exponentially!


Conversion Focus

You have a WordPress website but you don't get much traffic, your SEO is poor and you don't convert visitors into leads or sales? Don't worry.

We have a dedicated course for you! We'll show you all the steps you need to follow. Within a week you'll have a protected, fast, SEO-optimized & high-converting website!

SEO + Content

Marketing Mastery

SEO & Content Marketing are closely related. There are 2 crucial channels for branding, having constant traffic, lead generation and much more.

These are complicated strategies with a lot of misinformation on the Internet. We'll show you detailed tactics to make your content marketing & SEO strategies a success!

Email Marketing

Automatic Sales

Email marketing is recognized as the channel with the highest ROI. So, why don't you make more sales with your email campaigns?

We'll guide you on everything you need to know about email marketing: create a strategy, automate your campaigns, create emails that convert, etc... Grow your sales with emails now!

Public Relations

Magic Formula

PR is an awesome marketing channel to promote your brand, products or services. But, how do you get published?

We've created step-by-step guides that anyone can follow where you will find the secrets to getting published. Follow our techniques and you'll get some press very soon!

LinkedIn B2B

Lead Generation Secrets

LinkedIn is the top marketing channel for B2B companies. But, why don't you use it or don't you get results with LinkedIn?

In our tutorials, you'll discover all the tactics you need to use and how to implement them to your business. You will generate dozens of qualified leads a week by applying our strategies and secrets!

Unlock Instagram


Instagram is much more than an image-sharing social media. You can build your brand, engage with prospects or clients and promote your product.

We're going to guide you on the step-by-step process to follow to become an Instagram influencer in your industry. Don't only work with influencers, become one!

Facebook Ads

Untold Sorcery

Facebook has 2 billion active users. Your target is on it. Facebook ads are an incredible tool to reach out to them, so, why don't you use it efficiently?

Check our course to unlock all the secrets and techniques of effective Facebook Ads. You'll increase your traffic, generate leads, make sales and have a positive ROI in no time!

Working with Growth Academia the last few months has been incredible. My business has seen huge progress, my traffic considerably increased, my revenues almost tripled and my network is bigger than ever. All this by following the simple guides provided by Growth Academia.

Aline Mary Founder at Bitpoem

Only Growth Academia reveals all the secrets

The truth is that digital marketing and growth hacking are pretty easy once someone explain to you in details what you should be doing. The only problem is that no one actually does that.

There’s so much money involved in coaching, consulting, selling books, organizing events that no one want to show you the processes and systems to follow.

I am sure you’ve participated to online or offline events about marketing or growth or even have taken some courses online and read countless blog posts. But, at the end of those events and courses, you still have no clue what you should do, how to apply the strategies you’ve heard to your business.

The tutorials we prepared are not like that. In fact, they are probably very different from anything you’ve experienced before. Do you know why? Because we are NOT going to give you some broad ideas about what to do or what not to do.

We’ve created very detailed step-by-step courses with practical techniques that actually work. We will guide you to success. We take your hand and show you exactly what works to get traffic, leads, users and sales. You will learn specific strategies, techniques, tactics and tools that work. You will just have to apply and implement them and you’ll be ready to grow higher and faster.

Our objective with these modules is that someone who literally knows nothing about marketing could lay down on a sofa with the laptop on their knees, follow the instructions, and start growing. We’ve applied the strategies we’ll show you dozens of times for startups, SMBs and entrepreneurs from more than 70 countries. This works and it will blow your mind how fast you will get results!

Growth Academia showed me strategies that would have taken years to discover (Or most probably, I’d never have found them). They provide clear and actionable strategies you can use right away. After implementation, my sales went from 5-10 a month to 5-10 a day. There is no word for the value they gave my business. I believe their strategies can help any kind of business grow.
Chris Bolman VP Marketing at Percolate

After following our modules you will be able to sell products or services and get users signed up for pretty much anything.

With our applicable modules, you will increase your traffic substantially, generate leads on a daily basis, blow up your revenue and more.

We’ve tried hundreds (If it’s not more) of strategies, tactics, techniques, tips and hacks in order to give you only the methods we know work.

We have worked with many bootstrapped startups before and we know how important budgeting and churn rates can be. Don’t worry about that, most of the strategies you’ll learn can be done with little effort and require very little marketing budget.

By following our courses, you will not only have dozen ideas about different strategies that can help your projects succeed, but you’ll know precisely how to implement each one of them.

What you’ll find in Growth Academia’s courses work!

We’ve seen many people in the startup or marketing world give talks. They usually give some broad tips like: “You need to hustle everyday”, “You need to focus”, “Stop procrastinating: here is how”, “You need to create quality content”, “SEO is crucial: 10 strategies you can implement today”, “Facebook ads are great, use them”, “Here are 5 tips to be successful on Twitter”, etc…

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen those countless times. They deliver little value and most importantly don’t tell you any of their secrets. They don’t give you practical advice and don’t show you how to actually do things. And this is why we decided to create Growth Academia. We want to provide to people applicable and actionable techniques.

How to apply? What to apply? How to automate things? What tools to use? How to use those tools? These are what we show you at Growth Academia.

At Growth Academia, we want to unveil the best secrets for you from social media marketing to SEO or public relations. You’re going to discover specific tactics and tools and start mastering growth!

No-one has put guides this detailed before. If you’ve ever attended a startup or marketing event, participated to a webinar, read a marketing book and found those didn’t contain enough specific strategies to try (We are not surprised), Growth Academia’s tutorials are for you!

If you work in a startup or SMB, or you are part of a growth or marketing department and you’re willing to try and use specific strategies to boost your companies brand and get promoted, our courses are for you! And if you are an entrepreneur, you’re going to love our modules!

Paul Ghio Head of Growth at AutoDesk

Before working with Growth Academia, I really thought I knew a lot about marketing and growth in general. I mean I studied for 5 years at a business school, so, I didn’t think I could go much higher in the marketing learning curve. I have to admit: I was so wrong. When I started to apply even a tiny bit of Growth Academia’s advice, I already started seeing my business grow. Just 3 months of taking classes with Growth Academia and the growth of our business is already phenomenal. Thanks again!

Growth Academia gives you the techniques and tools you need to grow. We’ll show you practical guides that you just need to apply and execute.

The 6 Businesses That Need These Courses are...

1) Startups and Entrepreneurs – Startups and entrepreneurs who need traction or growth: users, leads, traffic, sales…

2) Marketers - If you want to step up your game as a marketer, become an expert and learn specific strategies that actually work​.

3) Small and Medium Businesses – Any SMBs who need to increase brand visibility, generate leads and increase revenue.

4) Agencies – Agencies that are looking for automatic lead generation funnels but also conversions.

5) Consultants - Any consultants, from marketing consultants to financial consultants who want to find new clients.

6) Freelancers - Freelancers that want more leads and contracts. Freelancers only need a few leads a week compared to fueling a sales team, so much less work is needed to achieve this.

Emily Allen Co-founder & COO at Luna Moons

Before knowing Growth Academia, my co-founder and I were struggling to generate leads. Since taking their classes, we've been proactively generating leads instead of relying on word of mouth. We now have an automated lead generation system that brings us new leads on a daily basis. The value we received from Growth Academia is priceless

Some of Our Top Clients

Nick Greenfield CEO at Candi

I was amazed how Growth Academia’s instructions are easy to follow. I have seen nothing close anywhere else. Last year, I took a 6-month digital marketing course for $18,000 and at the end of it I had no clue what I should do to grow my business. Within the 1st month of following Growth Academia courses, I already saw results!

I am a big reader and content consumer. I read books, blog posts, listen to audio books, watch webinars and paid for many courses on Internet. At first, I was a bit skeptical, I thought Growth Academia would not and could not bring much more. So, so, so very wrong! After just 2 weeks I was able to learn so much. Most importantly, they taught me specific tactics that I’ve never heard of before and that I could implement with ease. Thanks a lot!
Helen Kurtz CMO at Foster Farms

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